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Titillatingly Trendy Trailers.

Sometimes authors try their hand at making their own trailers and in all honesty they didn’t do their book sales any favors. Readers love good trailers, but this is an area of promotions that we’d actually suggest against doing things on your own unless you have the specific skill set. If you happen to have the right software, understand that images must be paid for (for legal reasons), understand the attention span of your readership and how to share information about your book in short order, maybe you have the skill set.

We invite you to look at a few of our trailers. Notice that they are SHORT. There is a reason for that. They are also affordable. We know your budget might be a little strained, but we want you to have something that can be used to push interest in your book. Trailers work well in that capacity if they are loaded to B&N’s beautiful book trailer area, in your Amazon Author Page, on Smashwords for e-books and in your social media, your YouTube channel and on your website. Having a trailer and using it are two different things. Having one means nothing if you don’t use it wisely and often.

There is a lot of data about how trailers affect book sales. We invite you to search online, look at trailers in B&N’s book trailer area and then contact us. We listen to your needs and will work to get you the trailer you want without stress and high cost.

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  • Titillatingly Trendy Trailers.

    Sometimes authors try their hand at making their own trailers and in all honesty they didn’t do their book sales
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