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Our releases hit with the information quickly and in a compelling manner that makes them stand out more than their boring competitors. The way we write our releases is in what is referred to as a direct marketing approach. It gives the information to editors and other readers quickly and in a direct manner. Ours are not our boring corporate release. Far from it.

What makes an effective press release? Check out our blog for information, but here’s the long and short of it. Press releases need to be about something of interest to a niche or general audience. The release needs to get into the hands of the right individuals in the right arena. For example, if you are having a book signing in your neck of the woods, would it make sense to send out a to-everyone release or would it make more sense to only release to those of interest in your area, like book club leaders, local bloggers, local editors who cover book news and that pathway? The latter, of course. If you want the world to know you are releasing a new book that could help everyone, take the wide-net approach, but if your book is only of interest to a niche audience, choose your target well.

What is so interesting about YOUR book? You need to get that across in the first couple of lines of your press release. Actually in your headline and subhead, and then your first two lines. You need to include quotes by the author, too. Make the editors’ jobs a little easier. Some of our releases are picked up in full, quotes and all, as articles in newspapers. That tells us that we should actually write in article style for these editors.

How long should a press release be? A page is brilliant! Why go on and on when you can hit your points in one page? At the end be sure to include your contact info and where the book can be seen (if it is out already) and then add a little blip of a bio. If you capture the minds and interest of editors and others, good for you! More eyes on your work.

Why does PR cost more than other promotions services? It is time-intensive. Good PR includes phone and email follow up, and that’s where a lot of PR agents fall down on the job. Also, it is a longer-term endeavor. You need to start promoting your book months before its release date. Regardless of whether you self-publish or are going to be traditionally published by a small or large press, you need to get a jump on the PR if indeed PR is indicated. We are talking six months ahead. Why? If you want to get information about your upcoming book into the hands of magazine book section editors, they are working on December issues in July and August. Trade publications work a little closer to the issue date; consumer publications can actually work as far out as a year or more. As former magazine industry insiders, we can tell you all about the inner workings of a print publication. Fortunately, today you have so many more options, because there are e-zines all over the Internet. They work about two months out… sometimes just one. And don’t forget the friendly, helpful bloggers of the world. They need your press releases, too!!

For more information about PR and press releases, give us a call or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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