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There are things you'll find here at FCM that you might not find on a lot of other author promotions sites. One is definitely author education pieces that do not and will not upsell you to services. If you decide you need author promotion services, of course we hope you choose to come to us, but we know we're not the only game in town. We have a different approach that we hope you find refreshing, but we will never push you or harass you to use us. We will never call you multiple times to try to get your business. The way we figure it, you either see the value in what we offer or you don't. We also have a few exclusive offers for you.

We worked hard to come up with exclusive opportunities that are all designed to help you promote your book as cost-effectively possible. Below you see three, and we promise to add more as we move forward. Here's a quick overview of each exclusive opportunity. You are not bound by a long-term contract with any of these opportunities either.

  • Library - Browse Titles
    We've helped a lot of authors with their books, ghosting, editing and designing them. We have shepherded the books through the publishing process for those authors who are self-published, and then we have educated them on how to promote the books. We have helped in their promotions, too. One thing we want to do here is to give authors a means by which to promote their books without breaking the bank. We opened our lowest-cost advertising on this page. Included for just $9.99 a month (and you can cancel at any time) we showcase your book cover beautifully and provide a direct link to wherever you wish. If that's Amazon, we do that. If to B&N, we do that. If to your site because you control all sales or prefer to do it that way, we do that. The benefit here goes beyond this advertising page. We are very active in our social media and in sharing information about our authors' books. That means whatever we do for you will also be displayed over time (not just once) on our media pages. It's what you might call a very nice "gimme." To see the current titles that are available to be browsed, click here.
  • Featured Titles
    This steps the advertising up a notch. We do the same as in our basic advertising opportunity, but also include a nice blurb about the book. If you prefer to write it, so be it. However, we can write it based on the summary of your book, or we can pick up a summary. You can see an example of this Featured Title if you click here (notice the write up on the book titled The Truth). As you will see, we use a boxed ad for this. Again, viewers are directly linked to where the book is sold. In this case, THE TRUTH is brand new and so far available on Smashwords. It will soon be sold everywhere! The price for admission to this opportunity is $19.99 a month on a month-to-month basis.
  • Bounce Pages
    What the heck is a Bounce Page? Simply, it is a well-crafted landing page designed to provide all the information about your book(s) that will drive readers to your book-buy pages. We will include images of your covers, we'd love to include your head shot (if you want), information about you as the author and information about the books. We also want to include a little interview or story about you that you wouldn't find in a traditional bio that might be used by bloggers and editors who find your book(s) of interest. We can add links to your actual website, press release(s), blogs and social media pages. For each author the page will be a little different, because this isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. We will host your page through Host Gator, because we like that service. You may ask why we call is a Bounce Page. Easy. Because it is designed to bounce people over to your book-buy pages (all of them that you can provide). Landing pages are smart, because they function a little differently than a full website. Easier, in fact. And you may find that you don't really need a full five-page site. If you don't have a site, this is also a great alternative. Or if your site is outdated and not mobile-device friendly. That today is a killer. You want your site to work with all mobile devices and smart phones. You also want some smart SEO thrown in, so we do that, too. Simply by being part of our exclusive opportunities you get the benefit of our SEO, and believe us when we say it's smart marketing. What does this opportunity cost? Get your very own Bounce Page for $150! (Price increases with additional pages or for full site.)
  • Simple Author Sites
    Want a little more than a bounce page or want a new site that is mobile-device friendly while getting all the perks of piggybacking on FCM's SEO? Why not a Simple Site? Just three pages and it can include a blog, photo gallery, video and audio clips, excerpts, your bio, lots and lots of links and great writing (with SEO links written into the content). Here is an example of a very simple site that we put together for Author Ed Moore: His book, OUT OF DA NANG, is not just a tale from his time as a pilot in the Viet Nam War but also a bit of a love story. It is being well-received and he's sold hundreds of copies since its release at the end of last year. We can give you a site like this or even more robust site for just $350!

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: All content contained on this website is copyrighted. Not that we should have to tell you this, but all content written by any member of Full Circle Media & Author Promotions is ours and cannot be re-purposed by readers without express permission from us. The articles and information provided herein are intended to educate and to guide authors in making good decisions in their book promotions efforts. If you want to reprint or otherwise use our information, contact us first. Articles contributed by other industry insiders may not be used without their express permission. There is no grey area on this point.